Food for Thought

Fabrice Hyber - Robert Langer

19 october - 6 january

Food For Thought a major contemporary art installation resulting from a collaborative experiment between the artist Fabrice Hyber and the Mit scientist Robert Langer;

What is intelligence?
Is it genetic – or a product of the environment ? Might it be simple cultural artifact?

The scientific response is as uncertain as the artistic response diverse. Le Laboratoire explores such questions through its 2007/8 artscience experiments. These experiments are seen in le Laboratoire by way of films of the creative process, le Laboratoire’s first “novel catalogue,” Niche (édition le Laboratoire et ensBa, 2007), a new genre created by David Edwards, novelist jay cantor, and photographer Daniel Faust, and the following art and design exhibitions.

Stem cell transformations : a frontier of biomedical science
Accompanied by le Laboratoire artistic director Caroline Naphegyi, the artist and scientist met at Mit in Boston in January 2007. From their weeklong encounter the idea emerged to study the experience of a stem cell transforming into a neuron. stem cell transformation is both at the cutting edge of medical science, whereby Robert Langer and his colleagues aim to heal brain injuries, and is metaphorical of intelligence itself.

Since his meeting with Robert Langer, Fabrice Hyber has developed his own vocabulary, gathered data, and developed many ideas. From this process has come notes, paintings, and curious objects: a giant hourglass that reproduces the experience of cellular division, at the core of stem cell transformation; a bath of champagne that resembles the fluid state of the stem cell, and associates stem cell transformation with the fermentation process; a human sculpture comprised of food, suggesting a stem cell’s nutritional environment; a game of intelligence, where players assume the roles of others, capturing the idea of the neuron.

Through many conversations and exchanges with Robert Langer, Fabrice Hyber elaborates his “food for thought.”
The exhibition at le Laboratoire captures an instant of this creative artscience process, an accumulation of scenes and sensual experiences. The proliferation of objects, of models, of videos and paintings recreate the studio/laboratory of the artist as if it were a photograph of his thought.

Fabrice Hyber constructs a meta- space organized by a fusion of forms and senses where the complexity is a kind of image of thought itself.

Design your cells by what you eat! Fabrice Hyber proposes a “sensitive meal” once a month for the duration of the exhibition.


Matière à Penser

Fabrice Hyber & Robert Langer
19 october - 6 january

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