Cellular Design

François Azambourg  - Don E. Ingber

24 september 2010 - 17 january 2011

From 24 September 2010 to 17 January 2011, Le Laboratoire is running an original experimental exhibition on the theme of water, and in particular, the transport of water; the exhibition looks at how this could be made environmentally reliable and more natural.

To probe these questions, French designer François Azambourg and American scientist Donald Ingber brought together a panel of researchers, with the assignment of coming up with a prototype container as close to nature as possible. The panel looked into the feasibility of transporting water via a system inspired by the biological cell, based on a suggestion made in the course of a number of lectures in Harvard University during the fall of 2008 by Professor David Edwards, the founder of Le Laboratoire. Originally perceived as rather utopian, it is now considered that this could actually be done by harnessing the expertise of experienced specialists.

François Azambourg has since been developing this idea through new forms of cell design, and has been preparing the set for Le Laboratoire exhibition.

As part of Le Laboratoire's participative approach, he invited ENSCI students to actively participate in the project.

The experiment is being developed in close collaboration with the scientist Donald Ingber, a cellular biochemistry specialist, and David Edwards, with input from the French researchers Raphaël Haumont and Sidi Bencherif, specialized in the physicochemical properties of materials.

Entitled Cellular Design, the exhibition will go through the various project steps, from initial tests (successes and failures alike) to new forms of bottles incorporating a cellular and ephemeral design.


Read the Press release: CELLULAR DESIGN

François Azambourg & Don E. Ingber

24 september 2010 - 17 january 2011

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