Within Thierry Marx's Sphere ...and other culinary inventions

Thierry Marx - Jérôme Bibette

March 28 - July 21, 2008

Live the Experiment !
To enter "Thierry Marx's Sphere” is to pass the border of gastronomical mysteries and to experience new pleasures, both culinary and visual. This exhibition aims to reinvent the spirit of the chef's table in applying Jérôme Bibette's latest advances in the science of microparticles.

How can one create spheres whose membranes are as thin as a soap bubble–– spheres which, when they burst in one's mouth, reveal the entire and unique flavor of a food or a dish? How can one deconstruct a product and then reconstruct it in a contemporary form to release the savor of a recipe in one mouthful?

From this collaboration in artscience, Thierry Marx and Jérôme Bibette have given birth to new sensations brought together in the three recipes created for the exhibition. The meals are served in bento boxes (traditional Japanese meal-boxes), redesigned with special consideration for these new recipes by Mathieu Bassée et Christophe Dubois, in the context of a workshop with the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle, led by Laurent Massaloux.

Mathilde de l’Ecotais’ visual environment, between beautiful body movements and secrets of composition, narrates the story of an encounter and of an experiment both artistic and scientific.

Taste the Future...
At any time, visitors may go to the “Whif Bar” to taste aerosolized chocolate alongside an espresso. Designed by Harvard students in collaboration with David Edwards, Le Whif is a prototype of a new design to be developed by Le Laboratoire over the course of 2008.


Within Thierry Marx's Sphere ...and other culinary inventions
invention culinaire

march 28 - july 21, 2008
Thierry Marx & Jérôme Bibette

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