Ryoji Ikeda - Benedict Gross

11 october 2008 - 12 january 2009

Le Laboratoire is pleased to present, for the first time in Europe, a personal exhibition of the Japanese artist Ryoji Ikeda, a major figure of the sound and visual electronic scene. From his correspondence with the American mathematician Benedict Gross, he has conceived a work where the definition of the sublime blends with the immateriality of infinity. Welcome to a world of millimeter precision.

An avant-garde composer of ultra-sonic frequencies; an explorer of minimal sounds; an artist of visible waves, Ryoji Ikeda explores the interference between reality and unexplored dimensions. His musical structures strive to develop perception by bodies; his sound and visual installations fill up a design space, between darkness and light.

Decibels take life and run up against each other; sounds are oppressive yet liberating; is it resonance or silence that we’re hearing? Waves make light of the light, gently mocking; from shadow to light the atmosphere vibrates inside a sonic and audiovisual temporality, whose only hidden meaning is in the

suggested truth.
From Infinity to the sublime, Ryoji Ikeda instills a new dimension whose theoretical definition embraces the science of mathematics.

V denotes the von Neumann universe and L denotes Godel’s constructible universe. Their equality or inequality is a disputed point, and the position one chooses to take on whether V=L or V≠L reveals a great deal about one’s philosophy of mathematics. If V≠L, then not every set of numbers is constructible. The removal of this restriction allows for the inclusion of numbers that are almost beyond the limits of human comprehension. More than just a mathematical equation, this expression inspires contemplation of that which we cannot perceive, which can lead to a transcendent experience of the sublime.



11 october 2008 - 12 january 2009
Ryoji ikeda & Benedict Gross

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