/// Le Laboratoire, built on the site of a 1920 printing press, was designed and constructed in two phases, the exhibition and administrative space phase (2005 - 2007) and the FoodLab / LabStore / LaboBrain phase (2007-2008.)

Overseen by the working architect Dominique Lacheny (Lacheny, Ransant Architecture, LRA) and François Maurice (MPI Action), the first phase was principally designed by Peter D. Rose of The Rose and Guggenheim Studio (Phase One) and the second phase, was designed by Mathieu Lehanneur (Phase Two.)

Rose’s design, integrates the original industrial design of the Eiffel era printing press with the spirit of a contemporary art gallery. In his conception of the office, club and exhibition space, Rose worked closely with the scenographer Philippe Renaud.

Lehanneur's design of Le LabStore (the prototype boutique store of Le Laboratoire) LaboBrain, (the office and workshop of David Edwards and the Laboratoire team) and the FoodLab (culinary research lab of Thierry Marx and David Edwards) reflects the contemporary evolutive spirit of Laboratoire creations.

Peter Rose :

Dominique Lacheny (Lacheny Ransant Architecture LRA) :
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Mathieu Lehanneur :

Francois Maurice :

Le Laboratoire Entrance


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